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Large-scale "Skills Development" events will be the core vehicle for bringing the joy of sports - and its lessons - to youth around the world.

WHAT: "1World Sports Activity Day"

  • All-day event
  • Sports training and drills
  • Physical conditioning
  • Keynote speakers (professional athletes)
  • "Responsibilities of an Athlete"
  • Gear & Equipment program
  • Coaching development
  • Basic requirements for participation to encourage kids to play sports and be good citizens


  • Major cities in Canada, U.S., South America, U.K., Europe, Asia
  • Large sports stadiums or fields in local community (e.g., Soldier Field in Chicago, Staples Center in Los Angeles)

WHEN: Twice a year in each city

WHO: Pre-high school, local youth selected from various sources (e.g., schools, orphanages, clubs, other non-profit youth organizations)

GUESTS: Major sports personalities recognized in the local market

1World Sports has developed relationships with a number of recognized organizations devoted to the cause of youth development.

On April 18th, 1World Sports is proud to partner with Girls in the Game to hold an event where 100% of the proceeds will go to supporting Girls in the Game’s mission. Girls in the Game, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, brings sports and leadership to over 2,500 girls each year

  • Fundraiser Event – A Private Screening of “Michael Jordan to the MAX”
    April 18, 2010. 4-6pm / Navy Pier IMAX Theatre, Chicago

This summer, 1World Sports is proud to partner with CARA Road Scholars. Road Scholars, a 501(c)(3)non-profit organization, provides training, equipment, and mentorship for approximately 200 at-risk kids to train and achieve running a half-marathon.

  • Sponsorship Program for Youth Runners
    Spring & Summer, 2010 / Chicago

Additional information on other partnerships will be posted soon

1World Sports' "Responsibilites of an Athlete" are at the core of the athlete's participation

  1. Teamwork. All sports take a team to success whether it's the players you are playing with, your coach or your family. We are all better in a team than individually. Learning how to work together is a key part of the 1World mission.
  2. Sportsmanship. Listen to your coaches and act in a manner that brings respect to yourself, your coaches, your family and 1World Sports.
  3. Education. The more knowledge you build off the field, the better your chances for success in life. Teachers are also your coaches in life, so you must listen, learn, participate and give 100% in school just as you would in sports.
  4. Attitude. One of sports great lessons is that things always to go your way. You don't always win. How an Athlete handles adversity says more about them as a person than when they are winning.
  5. Goals. Establishing goals – whether related to athletics, school or other activities – is a cornerstone of sports but also critical to achieving success in life.
  6. Practice. No athlete is good at their sport without practice. Honor your commitment to your sport by attending every practice and training yourself regularly.
  7. Personal Health. Take care of your physical condition outside your sport (no drugs, smoking or alcohol, and minimize consumption of fast food and sweets – "the body of an Athlete is for a lifetime").
  8. Community. Sport is about family and friends. Respect those you take the time to cheer for you, get you to the events and create the environment for you to succeed.
  9. Competition. There is nothing wrong with trying your best to win as long as it is done with class and sportsmanship. When you go on the field, pitch, rink or track always to your best.
  10. HAVE FUN. Remember that sports are games, and they are meant to be fun!


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