1World Sports is a global, nonprofit organization dedicated to creating fuller, richer lives for children through the promotion and encouragement of the values that can be learned from sport. Our focus is to primarily impact at-risk children ages 6-14 years old. Through sports, 1World Sports helps educate and motivate young people around the world to embrace critical values such as fitness, nutrition, teamwork and the importance of education (what we call the ‘Responsibilities of an Athlete'), all while enjoying the pure joy of the game.

1World Sports — "Making People Better Players and Players Better People"


  1. Joy of the Game. Sports should be fun for kids of all ages and skill levels. 1World Sports is committed to inspiring kids everywhere to love sports and enjoy life’s journey as ‘athletes for life.’
  2. Responsibilities of an Athlete. Being a great athlete starts with taking responsibility for self improvement on and off the field of play. 1World Sports actively promotes ‘Responsibilities of an Athlete’ to teach life lessons that will help the kids not only in sports, but also throughout school, and more importantly life.
  3. Environment to Succeed. In many parts of the world, it is impossible to experience the joy of the game because there is no game or no equipment to play properly. 1World Sports strives to foster the right environment so children can enjoy and grow from sports.



Inspire Kids and Teach

  • Conduct large-scale, one-day events using sports to teach the "Responsibilities of an Athlete"
  • Partner with recognized athletes and sports teams to lead, participate and inspire
  • Allow kids to "earn" the right to attend events through academic and athletic commitment
  • Work with local organizations to follow up with kids throughout the year to ensure ongoing practice of athlete responsibilities

Support Community Impact

  • Partner with one local organization per city (e.g., Rio, Toronto, Hong Kong, South Africa, London)
  • Align with community organization programs to create sustainable, measurable impact
  • Create follow-up mechanisms throughout the year via social media to engage kids (e.g., engage with athletes, track performance)
  • Support efforts of other local groups committed to youth development
  • Provide additional contributions to these and other like-minded organizations focused on kids / sports globally

Corporate Involvement

  • Align with companies passionate about child development; 1/2 overall global sponsors
  • Global Board of Directors working closely with Local Advisory Teams
  • Local team deliver 1World Sports program, raise funds and build community / B2B impact
  • Annual 1World Sports Global fundraiser

Partner with Sports Industry

  • Partner with major sports teams and organizations to promote sports overall and their respective sport in particular
  • Assemble a "Council of Coaches" to guide teaching agenda
  • Link with major equipment, gear, sports nutrition and sports marketing organizations to help the kids – "What do I need to play my sport?"


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